Jun 26, 2024

Work Area and Segments

🎉 What's new
  • Creator now has a brand new work area and segments feature.

  • Users can now select all keyframes of a track with a single click.

  • Creator now boasts a new edit menu.

  • Creator now allows direct import of SVG from clipboard and finder/explorer.

🔧 Improvements
  • We now turn off canvas interactions during playback.

  • Path nodes can now be deleted from the timeline.

  • Pen shortcuts have been added to the menu

  • The property panel now updates correctly when shape creation is undone

🪲 Bug fixes
  • This release fixed an issue where scrubbing the playhead would randomly add keyframes.

  • Fixes an issue with bezier stroke render when the width is large.

  • Fixes an issue where removing the fill keyframe removes the fill shape.

  • Fixed keyboard shortcut issues in trim/move tracks and changed opacity hotkey.