Nov 17, 2023

New usability and better easing control

🎉 What's new
  • We introduced new keyboard shortcuts for keyframing, allowing users to set keyframes and enhance animation control efficiently.

  • Alt + drag to duplicate layers: We have introduced a new shortcut (Alt + drag) to duplicate layers, providing a convenient way to create copies of desired elements.

🔧 Improvements
  • Implemented platform-specific keyboard shortcuts, utilizing ⌘ (Command) for macOS and Ctrl (Control) for Windows, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience across different operating systems.

  • Relocated the shapes feature to the top bar for easier access and a more streamlined workflow.

  • Users can now use arrow keys to incrementally update values on the property panel, providing a more precise and intuitive editing experience.

  • Implemented the ability to import Lotties/JSONs directly from URL parameters, enabling users to import animations from external sources effortlessly.

  • Users can now hold the shift key while applying transformations, maintaining aspect ratios, and ensuring precise adjustments.

  • Improved the user interface by automatically hiding the pivot point and bounding box when modifying values through the property and layers' panels, reducing visual clutter.

  • Users can now utilize the Shift + drag shortcut to create a marquee selection and add additional layers to the existing selection, simplifying the selection process.

  • Display mixed values on the property panel when multiple layers are selected, providing a comprehensive overview of selected layers' properties.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Resolved an issue where dragging opacity from the property panel was not functioning correctly, ensuring seamless control over opacity adjustments.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dragging functionality on the property panel for compositions, allowing users to manipulate nested scenes easily.

  • Addressed an issue with easing values, ensuring smooth and accurate animation transitions.