Jan 22, 2023

Lottie Mockups 🖌 are here

Lottie Mockups are here
Lottie Mockups are here

We're excited to announce the release of Lottie Mockups, a new feature that allows you to preview and test your animations in context. This powerful tool lets you place a screenshot of your app along with a Lottie animation on the screen, providing a realistic preview of how it will look like in your actual app.In addition to providing a true-to-life preview, Lottie Mockups also offers options for testing different device sizes, including web and mobile. This feature makes it easy to ensure that your animations look and perform great on any device.We've also included the ability to use the Play Segments feature of Lottie in conjunction with Lottie Mockups, providing even more flexibility and precision in your animation testing.