Jul 11, 2023

Layer renaming, Shift key functionality and more

Lottie Creator's latest update includes a range of features, fixes, and improvements to enhance user experience, provide more control and flexibility within the tool, and resolve known issues. You can expect improvements in visual rendering, usability, customization options, and the overall stability of Lottie Creator.

🎉 What's new
  • Layer renaming functionality: You can now rename layers within the tool, providing more control and organization over your projects.

  • Shift key functionality: Added the ability to lock the aspect ratio while scaling using the Shift key. This feature allows more precise scaling of elements.

  • Timeline playback loop enabled by default: The timeline playback loop is now enabled by default, providing enhanced animation control and making it easier to create seamless animations.

  • Resizable plugin dialog: Developers now have the option to change the width/height of the plugin dialog, providing a more customizable user interface experience.

  • Shim API method changes for Property class: We've changed the Shim API methods for the Property class by adding accessors. This enhancement will provide better control and flexibility in accessing and manipulating property values. With the added accessors, developers can now easily retrieve, modify or set properties using standardized methods.

  • Lookup hash table for objects and toolkit nodes: We can quickly retrieve objects and toolkit nodes by implementing a hash table data structure, resulting in faster execution times and improved overall system responsiveness.

🔧 Improvements
  • Cursor images update: Updated cursor images to provide a better visual experience, enhancing usability and navigation within Lottie Creator.

  • Refreshed 'What's new' icon: The 'What's new' icon has been restored to accurately represent new features in each release, keeping you informed about updates and improvements.

  • Toolkit and SVG-plugin version updates: Updated toolkit and SVG-plugin versions to resolve default name and SVG rendering issues, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

  • Event listener for selected node changes in Creator plugins: Added an event listener for desired node changes in Creator plugins, improving responsiveness and interactivity within plugin functionality.

  • Plugins shim API update for imports: Updated plugins shim API for substances, adding state history batching. This update enhances plugin integration capabilities with improved data management.

  • Lottie library titles compatibility update: Updated Lottie library titles for compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with Lottie animations.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Play control and property panel scene time values: Fixed issues with play control and property panel scene time values not updating correctly when switching tabs, ensuring an accurate representation of scene progress.

  • Minimum and maximum value validation: Implemented validation for minimum and maximum values of inputs to prevent invalid or out-of-range values being entered.

  • Layer order maintenance when duplicating layers: Resolved a bug that caused layer orders to be incorrectly maintained when duplicating layers, ensuring consistency in the project organization.

  • Inconsistent scene duration in property panel: Fixed inconsistencies in scene duration display in the property panel when adding animation from the Get Started panel to provide accurate timing information.

  • Synchronized scrolling between layers and tracks: Addressed issues with synchronized scrolling between layers and tracks, improving navigation and ease of use within the tool.

  • Layer ordering issues in SVG uploads: Resolved layer ordering issues during subsequent SVG uploads, ensuring the proper rendering of SVG elements.

  • Stroke width acceptance of 0 values: Corrected a bug that prevented stroke widths from accepting values of 0, allowing for greater design flexibility.

  • Drag and drop copy functionality fix: Fixed issues with drag and drop copy functionality, ensuring smooth and reliable copying of objects within Lottie Creator.

  • Path shape problems caused by hash table introduction: Resolved path shape problems caused by a recent hash table introduction, improving the accuracy of path rendering.

  • Class constructors introduced through function wrappers: Introduced class constructors through function wrappers, enhancing code organization and maintainability.

  • Nested scene skip to start fix: Fixed issues with skip to start functionality not working correctly on nested scenes, providing a seamless playback experience.

  • Opacity functionality fix: Resolved issues with opacity functionality, ensuring accurate control over element transparency.

  • Undo/redo issues with editing paths and copying/pasting edit path keyframes: Addressed undo/redo issues related to editing paths and copying/pasting edit path keyframes, improving the reliability of these operations.