Dec 1, 2023

Figma to Lottie: Auto layout and instant transition support

Play around with even more powerful animation options in Figma to Lottie with our latest updates that add support for auto layout and instant transitions.

  • Simply use UI elements (or single-variant components!) created with auto layout in animated frames, and also:

    • Use auto layout’s layout flow - direction feature on an animation’s element. Animate between vertical, horizontal and wrapped layouts

    • Use auto layout’s spacing feature and animate the auto-spacing between elements as the parent element grows and shrinks across animation frames

  • When using the prototype flow on Figma and setting the transition between frames as “Instant”, you can now:

    • Set delays in between frames for more interesting animations

    • Use it in combination with Figma to Lottie’s preset animation features to really spice up the animation

Start creating with LottieFiles for Figma at https://lottiefiles.com/plugins/figma.