Jun 12, 2024

Creator meets Motion Copilot

🎉 What's new
  • The new Motion Copilot has been released.

  • The user can now overlap keyframes.

  • Creator now allows the nested scene’s animated properties to be collapsible.

  • Creator now allows users to copy and paste scenes inside one another.

  • Creator now allows exporting nested scenes to workspaces as .lottie file.

  • Users can now rename the source scene as well as the layer scenes.

🔧 Improvements
  • When creating new paths, the users can see the new path on top of the currently selected layer.

  • Fixed the order of inserted assets from the AI prompt to the Vector plugin.

  • Fixed the issue of the playhead scrubber not selecting the keyframe correctly.

  • Fixed animation of shape-level properties on the canvas.

  • Drag and drop and move round to the nearest integer value now.

  • Creator now offers support for split vector position animation.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where 0% trim path goes to the top left or center.

  • Fixed an issue when, after the window is resized, keyframes are added to the wrong position.

  • Fixed multiple stroke rendering issues (including draw order issues).