Feb 1, 2024

Creator 1.0.0 with major performance boost

🎉 What's new
  • Enhanced rendering for bezier shapes for smoother and more efficient visuals.

  • Users can now directly drop files into the Creator UI to import them, streamlining the workflow.

  • Introduced a new saving state indicator to show when saves are pending, improving user feedback during the save process.

  • Enhanced the save flow to handle error states and alerts, ensuring a smoother user experience during file operations.

  • Enabled the selection of multiple keyframes, allowing for more efficient animation adjustments.

  • Implemented incremental search functionality in Lottie Library, enabling users to find assets more quickly as they type.

🔧 Improvements
  • Optimized performance by reducing the frames per second update rate for transform properties.

  • Improved handling of compound paths, ensuring accurate rendering of intersecting paths at the same group level.

  • Decreased the frequency of current frame updates for better performance.

  • Added the ability to create closed paths, enhancing design capabilities.

  • Refined zoom controls, disabling cursor zooming outside the canvas and adjusting panning zoom to work with mouse scroll.

  • Updated the property panel to show the correct section for paths, improving user interface intuitiveness.

  • Improved keyframe selection behavior and addressed issues with keyframe overlap with the playhead for clearer timeline interaction.

  • Set the sidebar to automatically open when the Creator loads, offering immediate access to tools and features.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Addressed issues with the timeline being minimized unexpectedly, incorrect context menu height, and keyframe width overflow.

  • Resolved save-related issues to ensure the reliability and stability of the save function.

  • Updated the help dropdown, call-to-action to the community, animation adder modal, heart JSON, and cursor and SVG widths to align with design standards and enhance user experience.