Mar 16, 2024

Compound Paths

🎉 What's new
  • Compound SVGs Rendering: Compound SVGs now render correctly.

  • Timeline Naming Toggle: Allow toggle between source and layer names in the timeline. 

  • Path Vertex Movement: Allow moving path vertices with arrow keys.

  • Shadow Box in Preview Modal: Added shadow box to enhance the preview modal's visual clarity.

  • Anchor Lock Tool: Implemented anchor lock tool in toolbar for improved anchor point manipulation.

  • Infinite Scroll in Lottie Library: Implemented infinite scroll in the Lottie animations library for easier navigation.

🔧 Improvements
  • Converted Shapes (Rect, Ellipse, Star, Polygon) to Path for more flexibility in animation.

  • Enhanced usability with the ability to pan using the mouse.

  • Improved zoom functionality to fit canvas on nested scenes.

  • Fixed zoom to selected transform control box for better focus on elements.

  • Display animation status of properties with the keyframe button, irrespective of scrubber position.

  • Improved user experience by allowing mouse drag actions outside the canvas boundaries.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Fixed tooltip for shape distribution buttons to improve usability.

  • Addressed and fixed dolly cursor zooming issues for a smoother experience.

  • Fixed canvas playback of duplicated nested scenes layers to ensure consistency.

  • Fixed first and last path position in closed paths for accurate path closures.

  • Addressed and fixed miscellaneous color picker issues for a more intuitive color selection process.

  • Fixed issue with canvas not updating when fps (frames per second) changes to maintain animation smoothness.

  • Fixed issue where users cannot retry save after an error occurs, enhancing the reliability of the save function.

  • Removed the upload button in the 'Get Started' panel for a streamlined interface.

  • Fixed issue where new paths lengths do not match the scene length for consistency across animations.

  • Updated Twitter logo to reflect the latest branding.