Jun 16, 2023

🪲 Bug extermination update

🪲 Bug extermination update
🪲 Bug extermination update

In this release, we have addressed several issues reported by our users. Here are the details of what we've changed:

  • Scale Ratio Lock Property: We fixed an issue where changing the scale ratio lock property was affecting other Shapes' properties.

  • Vertex Points Visibility: We have fixed the issue where vertex points were visible but not interactive when selecting a path shape layer in imported SVG or Lottie files.

  • Canvas Update after Copying and Pasting Keyframe: We have fixed the issue where the canvas did not immediately update after copying and pasting a keyframe. Previously, the canvas only updated if the playhead was moved after pasting.

  • Deleting Shape Using Keyboard: We fixed an issue where deleting a shape using the keyboard (by pressing backspace) would remove the shape from the timeline but not from the canvas.

  • Timeline Bar Issue with Undo Function: We have resolved an issue with the timeline bar. Specifically, the issue occurred when repeatedly using the "undo" function with an empty canvas, imported SVG, and inserted basic shapes.

  • Color Selector Issue: We addressed an issue with the color selector automatically moving to the bottom left corner when selecting #000000 color.

  • Lottie Import Undo-Redo Functionality Issue: We have fixed the issue where undo-redo functionality was not working after importing a Lottie.

  • Double-clicking on an Object Issue: We fixed an issue where double-clicking on an object, when another object was previously selected, would sometimes select the next layer in the first object instead of the second object.

  • Default File Settings: Creating a new file will always default to "Zoom to fit".

  • Move Tool Properties: We have fixed the issue where switching from the Move tool to the Hand tool and then back to the Move tool caused the Move tool's properties to be lost.