Sep 24, 2023

Better player control and improved playhead scrubbing

🎉 What's new

  • Added numeric suffix to copied nodes: When copying and pasting nodes, they will now have an increasing numeric suffix attached to their names. This helps distinguish between multiple copies of the same node, making it easier to identify and work with specific instances.

  • Introduced new player controls and shortcuts: This update brings a set of enhanced player controls and shortcuts, enhancing the playback experience for you. You can now easily navigate the timeline and control the playback using intuitive shortcuts.

  • Enabled timeline click-drag functionality: You can start dragging anywhere along the timeline to perform actions such as moving keyframes or adjusting timing. This provides a more flexible and efficient workflow for editing animations.

🔧 Improvements

  • Improved clipboard operations functionality: Clipboard operations now work seamlessly even if a copied node or keyframe was subsequently deleted. This ensures that you can still paste copied elements without disrupting your workflow.

  • Removed auto-popup changelog: This patch removes the automatic pop-up feature, improving user experience by reducing unnecessary distractions.

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Fixed non-draggable scrubber issue with selected precomps: Previously, there was a problem with dragging the scrubber when a precomp was selected. This fix restores the draggable functionality, allowing you to smoothly navigate through the timeline even with nested scenes selected.

  • Resolved inability to remove layers after removing keyframes: Previously, you couldn't remove layers from your project after removing associated keyframes. With this fix, layers can now be easily removed even if they had keyframes attached previously.

  • Fixed render order issue when importing nested scenes: Previously, there was an issue with the render order when importing nested scenes. This fix ensures that the imported precomps are correctly rendered in the desired order, avoiding visual inconsistencies.