Jan 5, 2024

Better Nested Scenes and UI Experience

In this update, we added custom cursors, context menus, and visual feedback. Improvements include better scene names, and a simplified appearance. The software also fixed bugs related to multi-selection, playhead position, and canvas updates.

🎉 What's new
  • Right-clicking a nested scene in the canvas will now show a context menu identical to the one in the timeline.

  • Introduced custom cursors to enhance the user interface experience.

  • Added visual feedback on the drop area in the upload section.

  • Improved scene names and transform control visibility with the player.

  • Select layers as soon as they are touched, and highlight layers in the selection.

  • Refactor of the timeline component to minimize component renders.

  • Simplified the appearance of a nested scene or a group.

  • Changed appearance list to be virtualized for improved performance.

  • Colors for active vertex have been updated for better visibility.

  • The highlighted node on the timeline will not change anymore when the user is dragging.

  • Updated copy and URLs for feature support in documentation and interfaces.

  • Changed get started Lottie and SVG for a fresh look.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the shape jumps out of screen when clicked.

  • Addressed an issue with duplicate items causing confusion.

  • Corrected multi-selection issues on the layers' panel, scaling multiple objects, and unintentional multi-selection.

  • Fixed playhead position when scene duration is updated.

  • Addressed a bug where the object jumps on the first drag.

  • Resolved rendering not displaying items when the root level has a significant number of layers.

  • Fixed a regression where the property panel didn't update after undo/redo actions.

  • Corrected the display issues of the right-click menu on the timeline, including the incomplete display and incorrect positioning.

  • Fixed an issue where the canvas was not updating correctly on keyframe changes.