Feb 6, 2024

Better duplicate and better nested scenes

🎉 What's new
  • Users can now alt + click drag to duplicate shapes automatically, streamlining the design process.

  • Added modifier keys to move keyframes, enhancing workflow efficiency.

  • Nested scenes can now be reordered, offering more control over animation sequencing.

  • Introduced a pen and path tool for advanced design capabilities (Note: This feature is behind a feature flag and may not be visible to all users yet).

🔧 Improvements
  • Introduced a warning overlay for mobile and small screen sizes to improve user experience.

  • Exported files will now contain the working file name, simplifying file management.

  • Imported files will reflect the working file name correctly, ensuring consistency.

  • Precomps are now offset correctly when the track is moved on the main scene, ensuring alignment.

  • Hotkeys for layers are fixed, improving navigation and layer management.

  • Shapes can now be extended, and the canvas will reflect changes correctly.

  • The curated collection is replaced with featured animations, providing more search options.

🪲 Bug fixes
  • Resolved issues where hotkeys with commas are now functioning correctly again.

  • Fixed rendering order on timeline and canvas to ensure accuracy.

  • Fixed an issue where keyframes were not moving when the track is dragged, ensuring smooth transitions.

  • Tooltips have been significantly improved for better guidance.

  • Fixed an issue with inaccurate rotation values, enhancing animation precision.

  • Resolved an issue where importing an asset incorrectly renamed the working file, maintaining file integrity.